Orange is a fruit of the citrus family whose tree is evergreen and sometimes reaches a height of 10 meters. The orange fruit originates from Southeast Asia and is a grafted fruit that was probably grown in ancient times by grafting tangerines and pomilo. The Iranian variety of this fruit was brought to Europe by the Italians in the 11th century AD and became popular there. In the 15th century, the sweeter varieties of this fruit were transported from India by Portuguese traders and cultivated in Portugal, and this fruit spread through Portugal.
The most famous modified orange in the world is Thomson Novell. Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is also one of the most famous growing places in the world, which is why Beirut oranges are world famous.
Orange fruit is rich in vitamin C. The orange tree has evergreen leaves and white flowers, the fruit of which is sweet and sour in taste with yellow or red colors, depending on the species.
Orange is a fruit rich in vitamins that is known to be useful in treating or preventing many diseases. The main properties of apples are as follows:

  • Orange purifies the blood and is very useful for biliary disorders.
  • Oranges are good for treating rheumatism, gout, atherosclerosis, obesity, varicose veins, and kidney pain.
  • Oranges lower blood cholesterol.
  •  Oranges prevent various types of cancer by increasing the body’s resistance.
  • Oranges are very useful in body building and muscle growth.

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