Isogam (Bitumen membrane or Waterproofing)

Isogam is a type of prefabricated waterproofing. A two-layer product of glass fiber and polyester fabric covered by bitumen reinforced with polymers. Isogam is used to seal different parts of building structures and facilities.
In fact, Isogam is a brand name of a type of ready-made (prefabricated) waterproof insulation for covering roofs, toilets, building foundations, exterior walls, swimming pools, and the like, which acts as a cover to prevent the penetration of moisture.
Isogam is a resistant coating of bitumen and synthetic fibers that is glued to the roof bed with heat and prevents water and moisture from penetrating into the environment below. The average lifespan of Isogam is 10 years.

Isogam constituent layers:

* Polyethylene film or mineral powder or aluminum foil
* Glass fibers or tissue
* Polyester fiber layer
* Special additives such as bitumen and polymer
* Polyethylene film

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