ManaHoor Engineering and Trading Company, using its ability and experience, provides services in commercial, technical consulting and engineering departments.

In the trade and commerce sector, the services of export and import of goods are provided with the best possible procedure and conditions with the help of many years of experience in this field, as well as cooperation with quality producers and suppliers.

In the technical and engineering department, it provides services in the form of design and consulting in the field of chemical processes and related industries by senior chemical engineering experts.

The services of ManaHoor Engineering and Trading Co. in the field of trade include export and import in three parts: chemical and plastic products, food and agricultural products, and construction products and materials.
Each of the above sections includes products that the company has traded in the field due to market study and sufficient knowledge of the products and their manufacturers in order to have the best experience for its partners, both as suppliers and buyers will figure out.

The services of ManaHoor Engineering and Trading Co. in the field of technical and engineering include design and consulting of chemical processes in industries related to petroleum products.

These services include the design, simulation and optimization of process units to improve their performance by senior chemical engineering experts.