Hydrocarbons Types:

1-  Paraffinic Hydrocarbons (Alkan)

Alkanes are the simplest and lightest paraffin making molecules. They have simple links. They are saturated hydrocarbons. Their molecules are chained or linear and they can have branches or can be without any branches. Light paraffin is specifically for natural gas and other heavier forms are found in crude oil. The simplest form is Methane(CH4).

2-   Naphthen based Hydrocarbons (Cycloalkanes and Cycloparaffins)

The simplest form of annular hydrocarbons. They can have extra branches. Naphthenes are rare in gas forms but they can be found in crude oil. The more the oil contains naphthenes it means the purer the crude oil’s compounds are.

3-  Aromatic Hydrocarbons (scented)

Annular hydrocarbons with dual or simple links which have a benzene based structure and are not saturated.

4-  Asphaltic Hydrocarbons

It is a mixture of lot of aromatic annular hydrocarbons in addition to elements (such as; O, N, S) which are heavy and not saturated. They do not have a certain formula. They are mostly found in low quality and thick crude oils or in solid oils.

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