CartonPlast sheet is a carton-shaped sheet that is extruded and made of plastic (polypropylene).

CartonPlast consists of two flat outer sheets that are connected in parallel by narrow vertical plates. Its Latin name is Krugit Plastic Sheet. Compared to cardboard sheet, it has a higher coefficient of resistance to impact and physical factors.

CartonPlast sheet is dyed like cardboard sheets and printing is done on it in two ways: digital and silk screen.

Another feature of CartonPlast sheet is its high coefficient of resistance to physical and chemical factors.

Features of CartonPlast:

• Resistant to possible shocks.

• Resistant to deformation.

• Withstands a wide range of temperature changes. (15-60 degrees Celsius)

• Lightweight.

• Flexible.

• Washable.

• Non-toxic raw materials are used in its production.

• Odorless.

• Stable against moisture.

• It can be easily printed on.

• Can be connected with wire (staple), glue and thermal welding.

• Thermal and electrical insulation.

• Recyclable and reusable.

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